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July 2016
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Cisco’s Four Pillars of Partner Marketing Success

by Hobart Swan

Chad ReeseWe recently had the opportunity to speak with Chad Reese, Director of Partner Digital Marketing at Cisco. Reese’s role with Cisco is to extend the company’s digital marketing execution capabilities with and through channel partners, and to transform the way its partners communicate to potential buyers. A 17-year Cisco veteran, Reese has led various partner demand-generation functions including worldwide commercial field marketing, partner revenue marketing and partner digital marketing.

The goal of the conversation was to gain insights into why digital marketing is so important to Cisco and why they are working so hard to make it important to their partners as well. Cisco is a recognized industry thought leader in this area and, essentially, we wanted to pick Reese’s brain to find out what vendors and suppliers should keep in mind when contemplating partner digital marketing programs for their channel—what key components are, and what long-term channel success looks like.

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What Channel Marketers Can Learn from Pokémon Go
by Ken Romley, Ziftsolutions

Behavior is a funny thing.

Marketers know this as well as anyone, if not better. You take an idea about a product and design, write, and innovate messaging that gets people to act out a desired behavior.

I found myself acting this weekend. I was roaming the North Hills of Raleigh with my son using high throughput, real-time geospatial querying and indexing techniques to interact with real and virtual objects in the physical world.

I admit it. I love Pokémon Go.

But not just because it’s a neat thing to do with my son. I found myself thinking about what marketers – especially channel marketers who put their brands in the hands of thousands of partners and dealers around the world – could learn from this phenomenon.

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